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Legendary Festivals Of the World: Part 1


Legendary World Festivals are the best opportunity to fill your life with new emotions and vivid impressions. Organizers of grandiose events, which are held every year in different parts of the world, have already done this for us. Enjoy the best festivals in the world, you can be convinced that life is full of bright and amazing events. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that each of these events has every chance of going into the piggy bank of your unforgettable memories.

Oktoberfest in Germany

The famous beer festival and at the same time the largest folk festival in the world - Oktoberfest takes place in late September and early October. And not only in Munich, but also far beyond its borders. The holiday lasts 16 days, during which beer flows like water, and music does not stop around the clock. As part of the festival, you can see colorful costume processions and live performances by the best musicians, participate in various competitions and, of course, taste hundreds of varieties of foamy drink. If you are planning to visit this festival, then you should take care of the hotel in Munich in advance.

Dia de los Muertos - Day of the Dead in Mexico

The Día de los Muertos festival is held not only in Mexico, but also in other Latin American countries. In early November, people gather to honor the memory of their deceased relatives and friends. For the Day of the Dead, residents of the cities prepare sweets, arrange carnivals, decorate altars with marigolds, put on themed costumes and make the appropriate makeup. This tradition came from antiquity - the Aztecs and Mayans believed in the afterlife of Miktlan, and considered birth and death to be a transition from one dimension to another. They also believed that no one disappears anywhere. That is why the holiday is still considered bright and is perceived as an opportunity to feel a close spiritual connection with deceased relatives.

Light festival in japan

The amazing Kuwana Light Festival is held from November to March. As part of the event, the Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden is adorned with millions of LED bulbs that shine with colorful lights in its gardens and greenhouses. With their help, various light installations and paintings are created that amaze the imagination of even the most sophisticated connoisseur. All light bulbs are powered by solar panels, which are charged during the day. One of the most impressive installations is the light tunnel - it makes incredible photos. Every year, thousands of tourists come here to look at this bewitching beauty.

Inti Raimi Sun Festival in Peru

At the heart of the Inti Raimi holiday are the ancient ceremonies of the Incas and other Indian peoples that make up the empire. The festival is held every year in Cusco during the winter solstice (June 24). The sun god Inti was considered the progenitor of life and the patron of the Inca empire of Tahuantinsuyu. He was worshiped by the entire peasant population in order to get a good harvest next year. This action was accompanied by sacrifices, dances, rituals and divination. Today, the Inti Raimi festival is an equally impressive spectacle, during which you can see large-scale processions and ceremonies, watch how the sacred fire is kindled, and immerse yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of the ancient holiday.

Yuanxiaojie Lantern Festival in China

The mysterious and beautiful Yuanxiaojie Lantern Festival is held by the Chinese every year on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. It has ancient roots and originates in the 15th century. According to Taoist legends, this day is associated with the name of Tien Guan, the patron saint of heaven, who loves light, colorful performances and fire. During the festival, people in China light sky lanterns of various shapes and sizes and then release them into the night sky. Shining with multi-colored lights, the streets of Chinese cities become centers of large-scale folk festivals, venues for performances, concerts and fireworks.

Up Helly Aa in Scotland

The largest Viking festival, Up Helly Aa, is held on the last Tuesday of January and allows guests to look into the legendary past of these fearless warriors. Every year in Scottish cities, torchlight processions of local residents in carnival costumes are held. The parade itself is often accompanied by a spectacular fire show and music. During the procession, disguised Vikings carry a stylized boat to the river - the place of its ritual burning. As a rule, the holiday ends with a feast, fights, songs and dances. This event allows guests to get closer to the long history of Scotland.

Holi festival in India

The time of the ancient Hindu holiday Holi falls on the end of February-beginning of March. Every year this colorful event symbolizes the victory of good over evil. It all starts with a bonfire, the sacred flame of which "burns" evil, and after that, the participants will have real fun. Crowds of people sprinkle each other with colored powder and organic paints as a sign of kindness and good luck. The incredible energy of joy and happiness reigning at the festival is so contagious that it becomes simply impossible to remain indifferent to it. That is why today Holi is celebrated not only in India, but also in many other countries.

Venice Carnival

Every year from the end of February to the beginning of March, the most romantic city in Italy is filled with bright colors and the sounds of music. Residents and guests of Venice dress in magnificent costumes in the style of the Middle Ages and cover their faces with masks, which have long become a traditional symbol of the Venice Carnival. Anyone can become a participant in this spectacular action - just buy yourself a mask. By the way, during the holiday they are sold literally on every corner. At the end of the carnival, the contestants who demonstrated the most original and colorful costumes are awarded.

La Tomatina in Spain

In the very last days of the outgoing summer, an amazing La Tomatina festival is held in Spain. For seven days, musical performances, dances, parades and fireworks are held in many cities. All this is accompanied by ruthless battles, the main weapon of which are ripe tomatoes. Participants literally swim in tomato juice and do not spare their opponents at all in this “bloody” battle. In addition, within the framework of the holiday, you can participate in original competitions. The most difficult stage of the festival is cleaning houses and streets with water hoses, which takes a lot of time.

Burning Man in the USA

This is one of the largest and most famous festivals in the world, which needs no description. Many cultural events pale in comparison to the legendary Burning Man, which takes place in Nevada from the last Monday of August to the first Monday of September. A strange and slightly shocking holiday does not have a clear program of action. The unique atmosphere is created not only by the organizers and the desert where the festival takes place, but also by the participants themselves. They are building a tent city with homemade art objects and the necessary infrastructure. No one knows how they will surprise the audience and each other - with crazy dances, nudist bike rides or a parade of space aliens. The climax of the festival is the burning of a huge wooden statue of a man and the main temple.

Tomorrowland in Belgium

The largest electronic music festival is held at the end of July in the Belgian city of Baume. The famous three-day event annually attracts more than 300 thousand guests. The main stages are set in a large park with artificial ponds and picturesque green areas. The territory is pre-equipped with food courts, barbecues and all the necessary infrastructure. Impressive scenery, pyrotechnics and powerful acoustics deserve special attention, with the help of which an unforgettable show is created. And the headliners of the festival are usually world performers - Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Skrillex, Technoboy and others.