Online art gallery ArtHall

About the project

ArtHall-modern art is an online contemporary art gallery that has built its own mobile app.

This is where one can learn about the works of talented contemporary artists from all over the world. This virtual exhibition gives them an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice and be heard, despite the closure of borders and other restrictions. For the rest, our project is a source of inspiration, aesthetic and spiritual pleasure. We are doing everything to ensure that the immersion in art is exciting and infinite.

The ArtHall mobile app makes walking around the virtual gallery more comfortable. The user-friendly interface and broad functionality of the app open up a whole range of possibilities for users. Thus, one can rate all paintings on a five-point scale, save one’s best-loved works in their personal gallery and subscribe to favorite painters. The app also enables users to get to know artists better through the description of their creative path, and the app’s search system helps to filter the works of art based on specified themes of paintings.

What makes ArtHall special is an automatic step-by-step adjustment of the gallery in accordance with the user’s preferences. The works are also available for download to mobile devices and can be shared with friends. The virtual art exhibition ArtHall-modern art is continuously replenished with the best works of contemporary artists and one can learn about it with notifications.

If you want to join the ArtHall-modern art community of artists and post your paintings on our website or in a mobile app, then all you need to do is fill out a simple online form, providing the name and a link to your works, and also telling about your field of creative interests and path in the art.

Share your talent, find out about fashion trends and get inspired with ArtHall!