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Yulya Demina

Yulya Demina
Yulya was born in Germany.

Now she lives in the Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

«I get the world out though myself»

As an artist, I react to the life of my time, to collective and personal evolution, to the multidimensionality of human life. It is important to go along with the modern environment and at the same time to keep pondering over the eternal. The art for me is a life itself, studying of limits of human capabilities, boundless overcoming, expansion and growth. It is important not to be stuck in the usual perception of reality, constantly breaking out of the shell of templates, expanding rational comprehension towards the inner and spiritual. It is about asking the most important and, at the same time, trivial questions in the human history, which all of us are scared to answer, if we answer honestly. I have a gut goosebumps feeling when I explore new forms, visual, coloristic collaborations, materials, as well as the possibilities of the fundamental principles of form: dots, lines and spots, synchronizing space with images and objects. For me, texture is the skin of my work. The process of creation is the projection of the unconscious into the matter up to a certain point of development, and then there comes the multidimensionality of infinite consciousness… Abstraction tries by its means to express what is not perceived by our mind, what is not here and what is eternal, what is outside the concept of mind and logic, it studies the borders of pure vision that goes beyond any existing concepts.