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Ilya Yod

Ilya Yod
“Many are afraid of the increasing penetration of new technologies into human life.
Among scientists, the debate about their impact on humanity is also growing hotter: some believe that technology is a blessing that opens up new opportunities for communication, trade and training; others warn of the threat they may pose to our existence. The concept of a technological singularity, an event that can happen in the coming decades and radically change the lives of people, it is becoming more popular.
The future in the form of interaction between humans and technology may acquire different forms: cyborgs, androids, chimeras and others. This raises the issue of answers to questions: "what is a person?" Do we have a personality? Where is the line between man and nature, man and animals, living and inanimate?
These are the topics I explore in my work."

Ilya Yod was born in 1984 in Leningrad.

In 2010, after graduating from the French Graduate School of Art of Poitiers, the artist presented his paintings from series "Straight" at the exhibition at the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art "WINZAVOD"(curated by Vladimir Potapov).

In his work, Ilya Yod asks the question of how painting may remain relevant in the hyperdigital era. Working under a pseudonym, the artist does not show himself on the Internet and in the media space. Currently, Ilya Yod lives and works both in Russia and France, where he located his workshops.