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Hiroyasu Tsuri (釣 博泰, Born 26 February 1985 in Yokohama, Japan) is a Japanese contemporary artist who’s work stands out for its embodiment of hybridity.

It blurs polarities such as East and West, studio practice and street art, representation and abstraction. He is also well known as TWOONE for his large scale mural works around the world. 

After completing a Diploma of Visual Art and Multimedia in 2012, Tsuri became familiar with multimedia arts and expanded his formal knowledge and practice. Later that year he held his major first solo exhibition “1000 Can Show”. From the exhibition's success, Tsuri has since garnered international recognition and has exhibited his versatile artworks in galleries and museums across the globe. His work consists of painting, sculpture, installation, performance art and sound.

Tsuri often travels around the world to paint large scale public murals. Since 2014 Tsuri has been based in Berlin, Germany where he continues to experiment with materials and mediums and push his art to new levels.