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Elias Santis

Elias Santis
I was born on the night of August 11, 1980 in Buenos Aires.

As a child, my favorite thing was making up stories. When I was young, I made up a story about how to be an artist. Today I continue to talk about it and develop my work in various media, highlighting my greatest works in painting.

All my works go out the same door, their roots originate in the same channel, so my creative freedom is based on following a single path, and sometimes achieving inner achievements.

The origins of my passion for creativity are a real mystery, capable, at best, of captivating others and connecting all virtues to build a bridge between the earthly and the invisible.

At the moment, I am busy researching and experimenting with cartography and various images of the territories of the world throughout history to the present day. I am exploring the possibility of connecting this with the poetic aspect of words and natural phenomena in accordance with the mystical virtue of people, in order, perhaps, to find a key that reveals the meaning of our present, which we still do not see.