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Victor Safonkin

Victor Safonkin
Victor Safonkin was born on August 22, 1967 in Saransk, Republic of Mordovia.

He did not study painting, which he regrets. Since 1996 he has been living in Prague, Czech Republic.

«Man disappears, is pushed out of space, he disappears in art in religion and sociology, there are masses that continuously consume.  There is egocentrism, but at the same time total loneliness of a person in the modern world.  Megalopolises, the boiling energy of the underground, even a rich social life in modern society does not solve the problem of loneliness.  We have the opportunity to communicate through gadgets, find communities on social networks by interests, topics and opportunities that stimulate any intellectual, spiritual or the most deviant interests.  But at the same time, modern man is cosmically lonely,
unsatisfied and complexed.  His ideas about the world and relationships are more and more virtual, where he is a hero living hundreds of lives. In these worlds, you can win, without pain and loss, you can love, while not bearing any responsibility, because it is also virtual.  Reality is not convenient for us, it’s depressing and annoying us with its non-sterility and exactingness, its naturalness and finiteness.»