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Alexander and Svetlana Roschenko

Alexander and Svetlana Roschenko

We combine images of a person, that is, figurative and abstraction, pure dripping, thus in our works the collision of two different personalities of artists is clearly presented. This is a synthesis of dripping and realism, Alexander and Svetlana. Our paintings certainly require scrutiny and thought.

What are our paintings about?

They often contain weapons. Of course, you shouldn't take a person with a rifle literally - it's a symbol. A symbol of action and determination, as well as a call to leave the comfort zone for the sake of development. We are interested in military aesthetics. Weapon is something that is not influenced by marketing, style, fashion, it is beautiful and permanent.In general, our work is a kind of psychological portrait of a person based on our feelings and experiences that have arisen as a reaction to the events taking place around us, be they personal or political incidents. This is the basis on which side images and thoughts are strung.