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Carlos Rodisnel Rodríguez

Carlos Rodisnel Rodríguez

Carlos Rodisnel Rodríguez was born in 1980 in Havana, Cuba.

"My work mainly focuses on recreating subjective realities, perhaps aside from the objective reality that we see or know. It is a mixture of subjective compositions in unrealistic contexts. The idea is to recreate a universe of shapes and elements that tend to be geometric and rational, it is about translating or interpreting reality through geometric concepts. I try to make my work a renewed continuation of "concreteness." This is a work that not only does not represent something objective, but also represents a display of the subjective reality of the abstract, which becomes "concrete". It also seems fair to me to admit that this type of painting that I advocate (Geometric Abstraction) is not a simple form and is not a type of creation enclosed in purely plastic values ​​that elude or avoid reality. It is painting that also creates formal beauty and is an instrument of cognition. Each work itself represents a geometric interpretation of everything observed, and it is because of this peculiar interpretation that makes the work important in visual beauty.

In 1999, I was able to study painting and drawing at the "Taller de Manero" Free Creative Arts Workshop. Through this research I was able to master various techniques that enabled me to enter the desired National Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro", founded in 1818 in 2001, participate in group exhibitions while studying, and then graduate in 2005; Thus, it belongs to the National Register of Creators of the Plastic Arts of Cuba. I was a professor of plastic arts in cultural institutions and participated as a member of the painting and drawing jury in competition publications. I also participated in theoretical activities where I received outstanding recognition for my work in a cultural institution. After collaborating in São Paulo, Brazil in 2015, I have done several abstract works since 2019, which I continue to develop independently and professionally.

Note: Many of my abstract works don't have a title due to the subjective universe they represent) This is like a geometric universe singularity that I can see, but it doesn't always tell me the names of things," he says.