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Rachele Moscatelli

Rachele Moscatelli
Rachele Moscatelli was born in Cant in 1993 and graduated with honors from graphics in 2016.

“I am closely associated with painting, collage, calcographic engraving, monotype and digital photographic manipulation, techniques that link my decisive sign to chromatic components.

My work focuses on women's identity, sometimes impartial, but never ideological. The ancient is the basis of many of my works, the ultramodern is revealed instead in a linguistic upheaval that shatters images and leaves them floating in aseptic or sign-made space. My items come from the world of fashion. I pay special attention to the surface of my shapes, obtained by repeating overlapping color layers. Leather is not only an object, a theme, a texture, but also the support on which I work, transforming these surfaces into something living, as if paper or canvas were intertwined with pores due to the inner need to breathe. It is important for me to find that impression of life that creates something more than creation. "