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Mario Palli

Mario Palli
Mario Palli was born in 1946 in Gorizia (Italy).

In 1963 he concluded his studies of painting decoration at the State Institute of Art in Gorizia. After that he continued his studies of painting in fresco in Venice. He was teaching painting techniques at the State Institutes of Art in Gorizia, Bari and Trieste.

From 1979 he is dedicating to experimentation graphic on hand made paper. His works (paintings and graphics) were exposed in about 50 personal and 130 group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He participates at the most important international graphic expositions.

For his graphic works he received following international prizes: 
1986 Krakow (PL) - 2nd Prize at International Biennial of Graphic
1990 Biella (I) - Mention at International Prize for Engraving
1992 Banska Bystrica (SK) - Mention of Honour at International Biennial of Xylography
1994 Katowice (PL) - Special prize Town of Katowice - Intergraphia'94
2008 Tessaloniki (Greece) –Mention of Honour at Triennial of Graphics  

He is living and working in Gradisca d'Isonzo (Italy), in Volčji Grad and in Ljubljana (Slovenia).