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Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov

Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov
Konstantin Vasilyevich Khudyakov (January 2, 1945, village Tsarevshchina, Saratov region)

Russian artist working in the genre of digital art technology, President of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Chairman of the Board of the M'Ars Gallery, full member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.“Artistic styles and masterpieces of the past are of great value and may well be sources of inspiration. But I am sure that such inspiration must be handled very carefully, as it can lead on the wrong path. The artist must trust the sense of time; time, which is known to consist of past, present, and future. At heart, I am, most likely, a futurist (Konstantin Khudyakov).Masterly possessing the latest computer technologies, Khudyakov achieves in his works a volumetric virtuality of images, which diagnoses the situation of penetration of virtuality and reality into each other - a situation in which our perception of art is problematized. "
Alexander Evangeli "The Escaping Density of Being"