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Vahagn Igityan

Vahagn Igityan
Vahagn Igityan was born on November 19, 1978, in Yerevan, Armenia.

Member of the Union of Armenian Artists of the World (2010), Member of the Union of Artists of Armenia (2012).

“Vahagn Igityan, in accordance with the saying“ look for yourself until you meet ”, went to the revelation of his creative essence in a slightly roundabout way, therefore, perhaps, more painful. It is important that his uncle, the famous art critic Henrikh Igityan, became his mentor in life and art. Stylistically, Vahagn's works stand somewhat apart. Their intonation, color structure, characters, somewhat reminiscent of figures on a chessboard - all this has to do with theatricality, retrospection, and the memory of the carnival times of the European Renaissance. Although he pays tribute to his native Armenian mountains, creating the landscapes of Shorzhi."
Yuri Podporenko
Press Secretary of the Confederation of the Union of Artists (Druzhba Narodov magazine)

“The key basis in Vahagn Igityan's art is reality.
However, in the paintings, this reality has interpretation. Interpretations, however, acquire a special charm and elegance. For the artist, the visible beauty of the real world is not enough; he directs the viewer to the disintegration of the external form by the method of crushing. And then the general structure of the work takes on great importance, although it is good to work with a color that has a certain influence. The following is important: the so-called "detail" can, with special, careful consideration, become the basis for a separate, independent picture. By depicting, modifying reality, Vahagn Igityan makes it noticeable that in the real world it has the magical ability of natural camouflage. "
Art critic Armen Gasparyan