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Enes Debran

Enes Debran
Enes Debran was born in 1991 in Turkey.

Enes Debran’s work primarily consists of portraits, where he uses neither a frozen expression method as in the ancient sculptures nor a realistic expression method as vivid as the human body. Dwelling on a limbo state of mind, his works are neither fictional nor real; neither alive nor dead; neither woman nor man.

Debran’s process of creating does not include any premeditated ideas or management. Instead of mapping and concluding, everything comes into existence within the process, fuelled by pure dedication. He expresses this dedication throughout this this process, and believes that this expression becomes more influential, simpler, and transparent in this way. His works are intuitional and improvisational as he allows the painting to guide him. In this way, he believes the wall that exists between between the painting and himself demolishes, the outcome of the work appearing more intimate and personal.