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David Cooper

David Cooper
David Coopers work deals with physical and mental disorder; with cruelty, violation, and deformity; with crime, anguish and death. 

He takes fragments of found, unregarded objects and explores them inside-out, and outside-in through a series of unpremeditated and intuitive processes in three dimensional form.

The works inquire into a humanity that feels, fears and confronts restriction and control; a state of being often conducive to an abominable sense of desolaton and fettered anxiety.

The series is an intentionally degenerate experience of these malevolent unknown (and unknowable) aspects of the human condition, driven by momentary absences of restraint, stricture and control.

Devised from a series of broken happenings and motivated by instinct, assemblage techniques and random thoughts, naivety and energy are exploited to sculpt the identity of these unfathomable and menacing elements of human existence.

The works are thus intriguing and expressive portraits, deliberately destined to remain curious and incomplete.


I work with DIY domestic supplies, plastic tubing, tank lagging, pallet wrap, bitumen, postcrete, gaffa tape, and plastic bags, working alone using fast curing mediums; plaster, rubber, latex, resin and gun foam.

Using assemblage technique dissecting found and sourced objects to create a form to be cast, re worked, re cast and dissected to create my own parts.

Patterning dismantled older works and myself to create my own ‘info’.