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Tadeusz Bilecki

Tadeusz Bilecki
Tadeusz Bilecki is an extremely productive artist, one who creates an awful lot of works. Characterized by continuous urge to create which often leads to multiple repainting of works. Sometimes it seems as if the act of creating is for him more important than the end result. ‘Action’ is indisputably the motive for search after a form which can be modified without any limits in a variety of media and formats.

A mixture of techniques and materials (metal/paper or ceramics/fabrics) is his kingdom. He worships large formats, formats larger than himself as well as miniature sculptures the size of ostrich’s eye.

A decreasing desire to find techniques which are permanent, eternal and a growing fascination with passing, ephemera and degradation in time.

1976 M.F.A. Academy of Fine Arts – Krakow, Poland


2013 “Tadzio_the dreamer”, Book Art Museum, Lódz, Poland
2013 “Bagatelle”, E|C Gallery, Chicago, USA
2012 “Painted in 2011”, E|C Gallery, Chicago, USA
2010 “Contemporary Figurative Themed Works”, E|C Gallery
2009 “Recent Paintings”, E|C Gallery, Chicago, USA
2004 “Recent Paintings”, AF Gallery Colombo, Sri Lanka
2003 “Paintings”, Calibri Gallery Osaka, Japan
2003 “Recent Paintings”, Honen-In Gallery, Kyoto, Japan