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Maxim Bashev

Maxim Bashev

Maxim Bashev - artist, graphic artist, photographer, author of short stories (Ridero). Was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1961.

One of the features of the creative manner of Maxim Bashev is the integration of photographic portraits (Bashev creates them himself) into paintings. "In his canvases, made in mixed media, Bashev looks at fashion from an unusual angle." The Art Newspaper Russia (15 May 2015)

Another feature of the author's work is the appeal to the great masterpieces of the past, the subjects of which are placed in his works. The author himself calls such works "remakes of the past."

Since 1986, Bashev began to actively participate in exhibition activities, exhibiting his paintings at personal, group and international exhibitions, mainly in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Singapore, Latvia, Switzerland.

Projects: "In Vogue", "Premonition", " your laws", "Mixed media", "Special thanks to ...", "You can't do like that ...", "Ready for the flight?" , “Portrait likeness” and others.

Works by Maxim Bashev are in prestigious collections and museums around the world.

Maxim Bashev currently works and lives in Moscow, Russia.