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Andrey Gorbunov

Andrey Gorbunov

"Death is one of key “parameters” of collective identity. Research of these paradigms can shed light on the issue of people approach to life and to its core values. According to some scientists, the attitude toward death is a sort of reference pattern, indicator of the civilization nature. In perception of death the mysteries of human person become apparent. However, figuratively speaking, personality is the “medium term” between culture and sociality, the link which joins them. To distinguish the “plane of content“ behind the “plane of expression“, find way into this not distinctly pronounced and compositionally fluctuating layer of public conscience which is so secreted, that until more recent times the historians had no idea about its existence — this is a critical scientific task of enormous intellective attractiveness…", said historian Aron Gurevich.

Andrey Gorbunov was born in 1979 in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Russia. He is a graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod art school and the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. Since 2006 the artist has been teaching at the department of monumental and decorative painting of the Academy.

The artist’s priority is contemporary art. He works in different techniques. Since 1997 he has been engaged in active exhibition activity. Andrey Gorbunov is the participant of many group and personal exhibitions. His works can be found in private and museum collections in Russia, England and the USA. The artist currently lives and works in St.-Petersburg.

"Andrey Gorbunov works as an artist-anatomist: his mind is immersed in the hidden connections between things and events permitting to come to the unobvious logic of the associational comparisons which is the basis of art - the universal way of understanding of the world around. Incisions, cutout of the living tissue, everting of the latent things concealed from prying eyes – all of this makes the principle of the form organization in the artist’s works identical to the research of the operating surgeon or of the psychoanalyst – in both cases there are a charge “beyond”, deep into the penetrated phenomena, a willing to find the hidden causes and mechanisms of the disease intervention…", said Gleb Ershov.