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Andrea Capecci

Andrea Capecci

Andrea Capecci was born in 1977 in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. After artistic studies at Art School Preziotti - Licini and a degree in industrial-environmental design at the University of Camerino, he began to work as a freelance graphic designer for well-known brands such as Benetton, Fornarina and Armani. 

The passion for painting was born as a need for evasion from the daily and in 2013 Capecci took part in his first collective exhibition Art Insieme at the Pietraia dei Poeti Museum (AP) exposing his denim enamels to the public. The particular artistic technique intrigues the artist and curator of Marche Nazareno Luciani who in 2015 in Monteprandone (AP) will promote the staff Something.

From this moment Capecci continues to exhibit in several personal and collective exhibitions on Italian territory: Позирование (2016), Montone Festival (2016), Infinity (2016), Hungry (2016), The matter of infinity (2016), Something (2017) Gallery Cesare Manzo, Out of the Bee (2017) Gallery Cesare Manzo, Baroned four beauties (Rome), Traces of a worker (2019 in Matera), Nine poets for nine shirts (2019), Volaria (Volterra 2019).