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Julia Agenosova

Julia Agenosova
She was born in Kaluga. She graduated from the graphic arts faculty and the faculty of practical psychology of the Smolensk State Pedagogical University.

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists since 2010.
Member of the Academy of Analytical Arts (AKANIS) since 2012.
Head of the art studio of the Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities (2007-2014).
Teacher of abstract art at the Tantum Art`s Foundation and the Innovative Cultural Center (Kaluga, Russia).

Participant and laureate of city, regional, regional and international exhibitions and competitions.

In 2019 she entered the list of the best contemporary artists in Russia (Arteex).

Works are in private and public collections in Russia and abroad

Lives and works in Kaluga.

In her artistic practice, Yulia Agenosova deals with the intersection of the inner and outer worlds of a person. The artist's meditative symbolic language, on the verge of abstract and objective, in each created series touches deeply personal, intimate, almost intimate spheres and illuminates aspects of human life in different ways.


2020 - “I'm not a robot. Incorrect unswer!" (gallery "Pro Art`s", Kaluga, Russia)
2019 - "Ariadne's Thread" (Gallery "Pro Art`s", Kaluga, Russia)
2017 - "The Edge of Permitted" (Innovative Cultural Center, Kaluga, Russia)
2017 - Laws of Attraction (House of Writers, Tarusa, Russia)
2015 - James Joyce. Ulysses "(Gallery of the House of Music, Kaluga, Russia)
2013 - "Triangular World" (City Exhibition Hall Bryansk, Russia)
2011 - "House by the Water" (Gallery of the House of Music, Kaluga, Russia)
2009 - "Free Associations" (Gallery of the House of Music, Kaluga, Russia)
2008 - "Man and Woman" (Gallery of the House of Music, Kaluga, Russia)
2006 - "First" (Exhibition Hall of the Kaluga Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, Kaluga, Russia)